Taylor Valley is one of the unique McMurdo Dry Valley's to the west of McMurdo Station on the Antarctic mainland. It was discovered by Captain Scott in December, 1903 while returning from the Western Journey on the Polar Plateau with Lashley and Evans. They spent a day exploring the valley before returning to the Discovery Hut at Hut Point. Scott: "I cannot but think that this valley is a very wonderful place. We have seen today all the indications of colossal ice action and considerable water action, and yet neither of these agents is now at work. It is worthy of record, too, that we have seen no living thing, not even a moss or lichen; all that we did find, far inland amongst the moraine heaps, was the skeleton of a Weddell seal, and how that came there is beyond guessing." My interest in this extraordinary place was in photographing the landscapes, scientific activity, and architecture of the this location while tracing the path that Scott took on his exploration of the valley from the Taylor Glacier across Lake Bonney, up the Nussbaum Riegel, to Lake Hoare and on to Lake Fryxell. 

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