Cape Shirreff 2 / by Shaun O'Boyle

We arrived at Cape Shirreff in thick fog at about 3:30 on 10/24. The challenge was to unload the Cape Shirreff science team and their 5 months worth of food and equipment in 4 hours, by zodiac, while the LMG was 2 miles off shore. This is an operation that normally takes 8 hours. The first crew set off in about 100 yards visibility, nothing to be seen but fog in all directions. But within an hour the fog had lifted somewhat, so that the shore and surrounding landscape could be seen and the zodiacs could make better time on their trips back and forth. Only people who were directly involved with the unloading were allowed ashore, but the views from the ship were impressive. Follow this link for a gallery of photos from this trip to Antarctica.