T-Site / by Shaun O'Boyle

David Huntsman, an IT project manager at Antarctic Support Contract, escorted me around T-Site, an area off limits to all but communications support people and utility techs. T-Site, which stands for transmitter or telecommunications site, I've heard both, is the communications hub of McMurdo Station, with many rhombic antennas and a building housing the comm equipment. My understanding is that this site handles most of the communication to and from McMurdo to sites around Antarctica. The site is near Crater Heights, and overlooks McMurdo Station, providing an excellent panorama of the station and Observation Hill.  We also visited a nearby NASA communications up-link site.  Click for larger images. McMurdo Station on Dec 4, 2015 from the heights at T-Site, this image gives an idea of the amount of cargo that moves through the station

T Site and Observation Hill

T Site building 221

Comm equipment in building 221

Comm equipment in building 221

NASA satellite uplink

Wind Turbines

David, and C-130 taking off from Willy Field

T-Site from the summit of Observation Hill