Lake Fryxell / by Shaun O'Boyle

Lake Fryxell sits between the Canada Glacier and Commonwealth Glacier in Taylor Valley. From Lake Hoare Renee and I hiked along the face of the Canada Glacier to get to Lake Fryxell, I was interested in seeing the station buildings there, and getting different views of Canada Glacier. The station was unoccupied when we made our visit, which gave the place a lost world outpost feel. Many more photographs of Taylor Dry Valley can be found at my main website here

The route to Lake Fryxell follows a path around the end of Canada glacier

Canada Glacier


Canada Glacier at Lake Fryxell

Lake Fryxell station from the lake shore

Lake Fryxell Jamesway hut

Note on door of Jamesway

Lake Fryxell Jamesway interior

Kitchen window


Welcome Home

Lake Fryxell Jamesway

Canada Glacier and Lake Fryxell

Commonwealth Glacier and Lake Fryxell

Desicated Leopard Seal near camp