Future McMurdo / by Shaun O'Boyle

Part of my reason for being in Antarctica this season was to document McMurdo Station. There are currently over 100 buildings at McMurdo that have been built as needed, creating station sprawl with many inefficiencies built in. There are big plans in the works to rebuild the station, converting it from the large spread out station it has become since the 1950's into a lean, efficient, environmentally sound, safe, affordable, sustainable station. Don't get me wrong, McMurdo has a certain charm to it now, and I spent many hours wandering around town and through the cargo yards taking photographs. Many of the utilitarian buildings have been tweaked by the people who work and live there into unique spaces that have a lot of character and personality. The BFC (Berg Field Center) and Paint Hut immediately come to mind. This is what makes the place interesting now, and what, I suspect, will make the new station interesting - eventually. I'll be posting more on the buildings I photographed at the station, but for now I wanted to link to the future usap website, which has information about the plans to rebuild the stations.  http://future.usap.gov/ McMurdo from Arrival Heights giving a sense of the sprawl of the current station

McMurdo Station

Let's hope the quirky sense of humor seen around McMurdo is transferred to the new station

And let's hope that encounters with unexpected items like rocket toilets and explosion proof refrigerators will still be possible at the new station. I work at an architects office, and these are important considerations.