Flight to Cape Royds and the mysterious Pick / by Shaun O'Boyle

The flight out to the Cape Royds penguin colony took myself and Mike, the Antarctica Sun editor,  over the Erebus Ice tongue, and over Cape Evans. This is an area that saw a lot of activity back in the heroic era. There are constant references to the ice tongue and the islands between Cape Royds and Hut Point, often used as landmarks in bad weather. They did countless sledging trips across this stretch of sea ice, ferrying supplies from Cape Evans and Cape Royds south, where they were staged for the attempts at the South Pole. This is an area I was hoping to see from the air, the Erebus ice tongue is an extension of the Erebus Glacier which extends into the Ross Sea, and Big Razorback Island is the site of a large seal colony and a remote field camp where scientists study the seals. The Erebus Ice Tongue, an extension of the Erebus Glacier out into the Ross Sea.

Big Razorback Island, site of a large seal colony and a science field camp to study the seals.

Cape Evans, where Scott's Terra Nova hut is located. Inaccessible Island in the distance.

The cone of rock which harbors the historic Pick, who's origins are a mystery!

The Pick! How long has this pick been stuck into this cone of rock? Some say since the heric era, other claim it's a hoax, placed there recently. An unsolved mystery.