Marble Point Air Facility / by Shaun O'Boyle

Marble Point is the refueling station for helicopters operating in the Dry Valley region of Antarctica. It's located about 50 miles across the Sound from McMurdo Station on the coast of Victoria Land. It's also the place where McMurdo Station was almost built because there are ice free areas large enough to build a runway.  During the 1957/1958 IGY (international geophysical year) smaller planes did land here on a runway constructed by the US military.  I had a 3 hour stop over here on my way back from the Dry Valley's. Click for larger photos. Emperor Penguins along sea ice edge during the ice break up on McMurdo Sound

Arriving at Marble Point on a flight from Lake Hoare and New Harbor.

Marble Point Station and the massive Wilson Piedmont Glacier.

Wilson Piedmont Glacier next to Marble Point Station

Marble Point Station

Lunch in the station

Marble Point Air Facility building

Tracks in the snow

Emperor Penguins on Sea Ice next to open water, the first I had seen in Antarctica. I spotted an Orca whale poking its nose up through the loose ice near here but didn't manage to get a photo.