Black Island Panoramas / by Shaun O'Boyle

Black Island is the communications hub for McMurdo, with large microwave dishes pointed low at the horizon in order to see  satellites much further north. I visited Black Island on Nov 5, 2015 and have two previous posts about Black Island on this blog. Now that I'm home and have a little time on my hands I'm going through my files selecting some of the better images, and will be posting those here over the next weeks. Here are some landscapes from Black Island. Because Black Island was my first trip into the field when in Antarctica, I was particularly struck by the landscape,  the dark volcanic soil with zero plant life so like images that I have seen from the Mars rovers or early Apollo Moon photographs. Click for larger images.  

Black Island Station


Ross Ice Shelf and Mount Discovery.

Station communication dome. Ross Island and McMurdo in the distance.distance

Mount Erebus and the dark area below the volcano is the Hut Point Peninsula with McMurdo inside the arms of the dark area.