Lake Hoare / by Shaun O'Boyle

I'm still catching up on posts because my schedule was so busy in Antarctica that I didn't get time to post them while on the Ice. I spent five nights in the Taylor Dry Valley: two nights at Lake Bonny, and three nights at Lake Hoare. The Lake Hoare station is located right next to the Canada Glacier in the Taylor Dry Valley. It's an amazing scenic location with the massive Canada Glacier dominating the view to the east, Lake Hoare to the south, a view up the Taylor Valley to the west, and  5000 ft mountains at the back door to the North. I arrived at Lake Hoare by hiking from Lake Bonny over the Nussbaum Riegel with Renee Noffke, who works with Rae Spain at the Lake Hoare station, and who happened to be at the Lake Bonny camp opening up the camp when I arrived there. Renee, among her many other duties, acted as my guide for my stay in the Taylor Valley, and I have to send a huge thanks to Renee for her energy and the awesome hiking we did in the valley. My hope was to trace the route that Scott and other early explorers took through the valley, to follow their path and see and photograph what they saw  when it was first discovered in 1901. We did that and more, hiking to the Taylor Glacier and Blood Falls, up high over Bonny Riegel and Nussbaum Riegel , up and over the Canada Glacier, and to Lake Fryxell to see the station there. Four days of amazing hiking. Lake Hoare station is run by Rae Spain, who has been coming to Antarctica since the 1970's, first as a carpenter. She cooked up some fantastic meals while I was there, and even gave me her recipe for the excellent pad thai she cooked for Thomas Nylen's 50th birthday party. Part of the birthday celebrations included frisbee on the beach and bocce on Lake Hoare. Click pics for larger versions.

Also see my main website for many more photos of Taylor Dry Valley

View west up the Taylor Valley from near the top of Nussbaum Riegel

Seuss Glacier while descending from Nussbaum Riegel and heading toward Lake Hoare

The Defile between the Seuss Glacier and the mountain, Lake Hoare beyond.

Lake Hoare station building

Canada Glacier "berries", harvested from calved sections of the glacier for drinking water at the station

Station buildings from Lake Hoare

Canada Glacier on hike to Lake Frixell

Canada Glacier from Lake Frixell

Ice Fall that feeds the Canada Glacier, photographed from on the Glacier

The lateral moraine of the Canada Glacier

Renee and Rae lighting Thomas's 50th birthday cake

Thomas, wearing the party wig

Beach frisbee

Renee as we descend the lateral moraine of the Canada Glacier