Cape Evans #3 / by Shaun O'Boyle

I had put in a request for three visits the each of the historic huts, thinking that two would probably suffice but the third would be there just in case something went wrong, or I had a camera failure. Luckily none of those things happened, but it turns out that three visits were really necessary to see these places fully. Partly because the weather has changed quite radically since I arrived in late October, from the minus 30's to the plus 20's & 30's, and partly because I knew what I was missing after reviewing the previous visits photographs. So here are some images from the December 7th visit to Cape Evans. Most of the snow had melted around the hut, revealing many things that were buried on the first two visits. Elaine Hood, who works for the ASC, has been the person who has guided me along, arranged travel to huts, scheduled field visits,  on this 2 month stay in Antarctica, a huge thank you to Elaine for the excellent job she does!

Cape Evans Hut, Scott's base for his fatal South Pole expedition.

The Aurora anchor, at Cape Evans. The cable broke on the ship Aurora during a storm, stranding the Aurora party at Cape Evan for 2 years.

Ships store still on the ramp above the hut.

Levick's notebook, shows jotted notes in a photo exposure guide booklet. This was found recently outside the hut, and was shown to me here as photographed by Lizzy Cox of the New Zealand Heritage Trust.

Stack of books.

Ponting's darkroom coat.

Captain Scott's water bottle.

New Zealand's Antarctic Heritage Trust working at Cape Evans.

Shovel handles.

Pony nose bag.


View towards Barne Glacier.