Penguins! / by Shaun O'Boyle

Penguins, I finally saw some penguins up close after 5 weeks here. I'm at a field camp now at Cape Royds, where there is both an Adelie penguin colony, and Shackleton's hut. It's a spectacularly scenic place, with a volcanic rock landscape, pack ice floating past, the penguin colony of about 4000 birds, and Erebus volcano and open ocean as backdrops.  Will be posting more from this visit when back at McMurdo, but for now here are a few pics from last nights walk through the colony with Jean Pennycook, educational specialist who is here working with the colony. View overlooking Adelie penguin colony

Adelie penguins, wood wreckage is from Shackletons hut, all of which is left in place and untouched.

They are very curious birds, and allow us to get within about 6 feet.

They are on the nests built of small stones, most laying on eggs currently.