Lake Bonney to Lake Hoare / by Shaun O'Boyle

During the Discovery expedition Scott descended the glacier from the polar plateau and had his first look at a dry valley at Lake Bonney. It was a bit of a shock for them to find an ice and snow free valley after weeks of slogging it out pulling sledges on the plateau.They spent the day investigating the valley, then no one visited for 10 years until the Terra Nova expedition in 1911, when geologists Taylor and Debenham did a more detailed exploration of the valley. I spent two nights at Lake Bonney camping out in extremely windy conditions, so windy that it was hard to sleep at night because the tent shook and flapped all night. Update: See my main website for many more photos of Lake Bonney

Lake Bonney Jamesway on the shore of Lake Bonney. These building are reused from the Korean war.

A crowded Jamesway building, used for cooking, dining, work and social space. Scientists and graduate students are working here on the LTER (long term ecological research) project.

Researches lowering a robot into Lake Bonney. The robot moves vertically in the water column monitoring temperature,, salinity and other data points.

The start of the hike to Lake Hoare, Lake Bonney camp can be seen below on the shore. The Lake is at an elevation of about 200 ft, the mountain opposite is 5740 feet tall.

Me standing next to a very large ventifact.

Wind scoured surface, ventifacts, mountain on right is the Matterhorn.

Huge field of black volcanic rock, a cone that has eroded and fractured over the last million years into a delta of marble sized rocks.

Patch of black volcanic rock.

Sollas Glacier

Sollas Glacier

Selfie above Sollas Glacier

Matterhorn and Lacroix Glacier

Not sure what this feature is called, but looks to be volcanic rock.

We climbed this, looked solid from below, but turned out to be a scree field that shifted and was a challenge to climb.

View up Taylor Valley looking west.

Nussbaum Riegel, the highest point on our hike.

View of Kukri Hills from Nussbaum Riegel.

Suess Glacier

Suess Glacier from Lake Hoare.