Cape Evans 2nd Visit / by Shaun O'Boyle

Snowmobile trip out to Cape Evans today, the second trip out there, and much different than the first trip, which was done in -36 degree wind chill. Today was in the 20's and little wind, and what a difference. A pleasant 15 mile snowmobile ride out there stopping occasionally to see a seal and look for penguins. The sea ice edge is now only 1-2 miles from Cape Evans, so penguins will soon be seen there.  I'm backed up with lots of photos and no time to post them,  but should get to them over this next few days, lots of great shot from Dry Valleys. Tomorrow I fly to Cape Crozier to shoot the stone igloo built by Bowers, Wilson and Cherry during their "Worst Journey", really looking forward to that and hope that the site is not snowed in. Below are shots that I wanted to get after reviewing the first Cape Evans visit photographs, these tend to be more detail shots. Click for larger versions.  

12,448 foot Mount Erebus from wind vane hill on Cape Evans.

Hut entrance door, galley and enlisted men's area.

Galley detail.

Galley detail.


Nelson and Day's bunks.

Geologist's bunks and work area.

Ponting's darkroom.

Biology bench detail.

Electrical bench.

Day's socks.


Cup and toothbrush, probably Wright's.

Shelf detail.


Galley detail.

Enlisted men's table.

Jumble of bottles on a shelf.

Shelf detail.

Cape Evans hut from wind vane hill.