Lake Bonney / by Shaun O'Boyle

I'm in the Dry Valleys for about 5 days, first stop is Lake Bonney, a place I've wanted to get to for years, since reading about the early explorations of Scott and his discovery of the Dry Valleys here at Lake Bonney and the Taylor Glacier. I'm living out of a tent, which is interesting considering it's in the teens for temp, and to make it more interesting the wind is blowing hard and constantly, a really strong wind, enough to rattle the tent and make it sounds like it's in a wind tunnel. I actually slept OK with ear plugs and an eye mask. Others here didn't sleep at all. Posts may be light until I'm back at McMurdo, internet seems very slow here. Update: See my main website for many more photographs of Lake Bonney

My new home for a few days. These tents can really take high winds as I found out last night.

The Lake Bonney Station building, the main jamesway for dining and hanging out.