Sunday's (frigid) Stroll / by Shaun O'Boyle

I took a walk out to Hut Point, intending to do the Hut Point Loop Trail, a longish hike. It was cold, which I can deal with, but the wind was blowing between 20-30 mph, add that to the 10 degree air temp and what wind chill do you get? I'll tell you, effing cold! Instead I spent some time photographing the seals that were hanging out at Hut Point, then I walked back to town leaning into the headwind, cold while wearing 5 layers, neck gator, face mask, windproof hat, goggles and hood up. No I'm not getting used to the weather down here! (Click images for larger versions.) Hut Point with Discovery Hut and Vince's Cross. They closed all the historic hut on Friday for some unknown reason, somebody violated the rules for visiting the huts apparently, but a large part of my project is photographing in the huts, so I hope they open them up again soon!

Seals basking on the friggin frigid sea ice.

This guy was twitching like he was having a nice dream.

He woke up briefly, looked around dreamily, then it was back to sleep.

This is how cold it was at hut point.