Around Hut Point Peninsula / by Shaun O'Boyle

Even though there is a low pressure over McMurdo, the weather held and it was a nice day Saturday Nov 7. Spent the morning processing photos from the CosRay visit, then needed to get some air, so decided on some hiking. There are several hikes around McMurdo. The Ob Hill hike, which is basically a scramble up a very steep 750 foot tall pile of volcanic rock and gravel gives great views of the area, so I did that first. Then after a coffee break decided to try the Hut Point Loop hike. Turned out to be a great hike, with seals at hut point and some great views along the ridge the trail follows. Temps were in the single digits but if the wind hits you it drops well below zero with the wind chill. Did a lot of hiking today, first up Observation Hill where I took this photo

Then through town to get my photos snapped with Ivan

McMurdo is pretty much a hub for logistics for all the field work that happens all over Antarctica, so there are yards full of cargo ready to go into the field

Then you run into these sorts of unexplained objects strewn about the landscape, somebody's experiment, but what it does I have no idea

The view are stunning on a clear day, the tallest peak is Mt Lister at 13,200 feet and 60 miles away across the sea ice. They tell me all this sea ice will all be gone by Christmas

Seals basking in the 5 degree heat on the beach at Hut Point

hut point

Hiking up the steep hills on Hut Point Peninsula

Getting blasted by the wind at the top of the ridge, wind chill down around 20 below

Hut Point from up higher

Trail near Arrival Heights

Erebus Glacier