Flight day / by Shaun O'Boyle

The day I've been looking forward too for months is here, and now it's a bitter sweet experience leaving Aisha and Wendy for two months. A tearful parting at the airport, especially on my part, will miss them, but we will keep in close touch via text, email once in Antarctica, and sending pics back and forth. But I am excited to be on the way after months of planning and preparations. First flight is to Philly (just found out that flight is delayed), then LA, then the long haul 15 hr flight to Sydney. I have a 9 hour layover in Sydney, so will hit the town, which is a short 20 minute train ride from the international airport. Then it's the final leg to Christchurch, arriving at about midnight on Sunday NZ time. I'll be fully cooked by then and hope I can make it to the hostel without leaving a trail of lost baggage and dropped items along the way.