These photographs are from an expedition to Antarctica in fall 2017 with the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. It’s my second trip to Antarctica with the NSF, the first was to McMurdo Station in 2015. While it was a trip to the same continent, it was an entirely different experience. Access to Palmer is from Chile by icebreaker via a four day crossing including two days in the Drake Passage. A unique experience for me, I've spent very little time at sea. Despite being a 230 foot ship, the LMG gets tossed around like a toy ship in a bathtub, and so does everyone inside. I can now count myself among the souls who have endured the Drake Shake and paid the Drake Tax. Picture yourself trying to walk around your house and climb stairs while it is pitching from side to side 15-20 degrees then suddenly plunging vertically 20 feet in a second before rising again as quickly.  That gives a sense of what riding across the Drake is like. For 48 hours. Once across the Drake we spent a few hours unloading a NOAA team at Cape Shirreff in the South Shetland Islands before entering the Gerlache Strait and Neumayer Channel and finally the Bismark Strait on route to Palmer Station. Mountains and glaciers emerged from clouds and fog and snow as we cruised the channels. I was at Palmer Station for six very busy days before making the return crossing to Chile. Click on thumbnails to enlarge and hover over enlarged images to see captions.