Cape Royds is the location of Sir Ernest Shackleton's Nimrod Hut (huts are named after their ship) used during the British Antarctic Expedition of 1907-1909. During this expedition Shackleton almost reached the South Pole, coming within about 100 miles of the Pole before being forced back by lack of food. They had already been on reduced rations for weeks and were basically starving themselves in their attempt to reach the Pole. This near miss earned Shackleton a knighthood and made him famous. The landscape of Cape Royds is unlike any other I have seen anywhere, all black kenyte lava flows and pillows, which gives the effect of being on the Moon.  I camped on the Cape and spent three days walking from end to end, from the black sand beach where Shackleton used to exercise his ponies, with ice flows moving swiftly past, to the tops of the lava flow hills overlooking the penguin colony, to the iceberg dotted Ross Sea in front of Mount Erebus. Click on thumbnails to enlarge and hover over enlarged images to see captions.