Black Island is located about 25 miles South of McMurdo Station. While there I walked to my furthest south at 78 deg 7 min 54 sec. It also marked my first helicopter ride, which was an amazing experience. Just myself and the pilot, so he took me on a little boondoggle to check out a few sights on the way, Pegasus airfield, a wrecked airplane (thanks for that), and we did a couple loops around Black Island before landing. The weather was clear and calm, which is unusual for Black Island, known for high winds that throw gravel and roll rocks around. The day before I arrived winds were 60 knots which is typical. Black Island is the communications hub for McMurdo, all satellite signals come through here through large microwave dishes. The helicopter landing pad is painted with a large skull and cross bones. I went right to work because I only had 8 hours on the island and wanted to get as much done as I could. It was an excellent day out there and Tony and Karyn were great hosts. Click on thumbnails to enlarge and hover over enlarged images to see captions.