15 mile Snow mobile drive on the frozen sea ice to Cape Evans
 Cape Crozier, Ross Island, Antarctica
 New Harbor camp Jamesway Huts adapted from Korean war Jamesways, now serving as camp shelter
Cooking area of Discovery Hut with improvised blubber stove
Arriving at Lake Bonney science camp.  The Jamesway Hut is a rep
 1960's era Cos-Ray building located on the road between McMurdo and New Zealand's Scott Base.
Shackleton's Hut, Cape Royds, Antarctica
 How to describe McMurdo Station. It’s the largest station in Antarctica by far, a sprawling place, functional and utilitarian, a work in progress since its beginnings before the 1957-1958 IGY. And it has character. As a photographer I'm drawn to the older structures, the early buildings housing Cosray and building 137, the quonset huts, and others like the BFC, FEMC shops and Paint Barn. These places have character, part of it is architectural, and part is how these utilitarian shells have been adapted into unique living and work spaces by the people who use them.
 A very chilled out Weddell Seal in the #3 Fish Hut Hole
 Beacon being lowered into McMurdo Sound to guide the robot back home. The beacon is only there as a backup, the robot will normally find its way home after making its run without use of the beacon.
Mount Erebus from Black Island
 NYANG C-130's
 LDB Balloon Site Hangar Buildings, the tallest buildings in Antarctica.
 Neumayer Channel, Antarctica
 The icebreaker Laurence M. Gould arriving at Palmer Station